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About Norton Bespoke

Norton Bespoke Interiors is a luxury design studio that is on the busy Kieran Street in Kilkenny City Centre. No matter your project, we are here to offer expert advice and guidance either on site or at our studio to every customer. We have a range of services that we offer from bespoke cabinetry and furniture to whole room designs for the likes of your kitchen and bathroom. We work with clients on retail, hospitality, commercial and domestic projects.
At Norton Bespoke Interiors, we believe that your space should be an extension of who you are, or what your brand is. So after working with you on your unique interior design, we have a team of professional builders and fitters to offer a complete turnkey service to our clients. We have a range of finishes for you to choose from to add to your space, which you can see samples of on display in our studio.

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The Norton Bespoke Interiors Difference

When you choose to work with Norton Bespoke Interiors, you are choosing to work with one of Ireland’s best interior designers, Elaine Norton.
Elaine Norton is an interior designer with extensive experience in designing spaces for both residential and commercial clients. With the help of Norton Bespoke Interiors, you will be able to find an extensive selection of wallpaper in Kilkenny, as well as tiles in Kilkenny.
Although Norton Bespoke Interiors boasts a large portfolio of designs and finishes coming from everywhere in the world, Elaine Norton likes to support her local businesses and so when you are looking at different wallpaper, tiles, and furniture in Kilkenny, this interior designer will try her best to source all the materials needed from local suppliers and manufacturers.

Stand Out with Norton Bespoke Interiors

Walking into the Norton Bespoke Interiors studio, you will notice that we house unique, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. All the pieces that we source are of the highest quality, made from the best materials, and completely bespoke. When you work with Norton Bespoke Interiors, you are getting individualised furniture in Kilkenny with no others like them out there.

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FAQ About Norton Bespoke